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Automotive functional components and small parts

A car consists of over 10,000 individual parts. Small parts and functional components play a vital role in vehicles. Whether installed separately or integrated into larger systems, every part must meet the highest safety and quality standards of the automotive industry.

Our ultrasonic solutions are used to join, rivet or weld small parts and functional components such as switches, oil filters and frame elements. Our MS sonxTOP servo presses for ultrasonic welding offer the ideal joining process, especially for highly sensitive components. They provide maximum process control for optimum component quality and a fully documented welding process for 100% traceability.

Unsere neueste Generation von Ultraschall-Serienmaschinen mit dem von uns eigens entwickelten, patentierten und zukunftsweisenden preciSer©-Servoantrieb für einzigartige Präzision und höchste Maschinenproduktivität.

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