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MS sonxTOP ultrasonic servo presses

Our specialists are always asking themselves how to improve our ultrasonic servo presses even further, so that we can offer the ideal solution for you, our customers in the automotive, packaging technology, medical technology, textile and consumer goods industries.

It’s our mission! 

Our latest generation of ultrasonic servo presses MS sonxTOP was developed out of this innovative spirit. With our specially developed, patented and groundbreaking preciSer® servo drive, our MS sonxTOP ultrasonic servo presses offer unrivaled precision for maximum machine productivity. Thanks to a 100% electric drive concept that operates without compressed air, our servo presses are the ideal choice for clean room production as well as manufacturing sites which do not wish to use costly compressors.

This latest development embodies how MS Ultrasonic Technology Group and its team of experts continuously innovate to advance the strong tradition of German engineering.

The MS ultrasonic servo presses are available in three versions: table top, column and inline machine. All types in the series have the same drive concept, which allows control concepts and welding recipes to be transferred quickly and easily. The models are complemented by appropriate accessories such as sound-insulating cabinets and work tables to suit your needs.



  • “Made in Germany” all products developed and produced by MS Ultrasonic Technology Group at its headquarters in Germany
  • Revolutionary MS preciSer® servo drive with force and speed control, developed by MS Ultrasonic Technology Group
  • Patented MS paralliCer® and MS stabiliZer® technology elimin